Miracle Media Productions Music - The Sacred Journey

How familiar are you with the Art of Sacred Music? Is your favorite sacred music style: chant, hymns, liturgical, gospel or another style? 


How many people and events shown in the video are you able to identify?

If you can correctly identify all of them, your knowledge of sacred music is well above average. If you cannot identify them, don't worry; watching the video suggests you have a keen interest in the Art of Sacred Music. Now, it’s time to share your knowledge and interest with others!

Miracle Media Productions (MMP) is producing the documentary, "Music - The Sacred Journey." We're documenting a complete history of Jewish and Judeo-Christian Sacred Music in western culture. We identify the people and events you saw in the trailer and we discuss so much more.

But, we need your support!

For a limited time only, MMP is launching our Pre-Fundraising Campaign. We are making a personal appeal to you, asking for a gift to support our production efforts. Those who respond to our Pre-Fundraising Campaign receive rewards that will be reserved at much higher levels during our regular campaign. Simply click on the PayPal button on the right to securely submit your gift.

On behalf of Miracle Media Productions, thanks for your support in sharing with the world, "Music - The Sacred Journey."

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"Music - The Sacred Journey"

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